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Counselling for Adults

In order to achieve holistic wellness, it is imperative to grasp the difference between who YOU really ARE versus what YOU DO!  Often it is necessary to step back and review your current life .... YOUR physical and mental health, YOUR day-to-day commitments, YOUR relationships, YOUR leisure activities, YOUR time management, YOUR goals.  How close are YOU to dividing YOUR time and energy equally or at least evenly in the following areas? 

  SPIRITUAL       EMOTIONAL        MENTAL        PHYSICAL       FAMILY       SOCIAL        FINANCIAL       CREATIVE       


"YOU" are not your "life situation". YOU are who YOU are and YOUR current circumstances are temporary, in a non-permanent sense. Everything changes .... all the time. The way YOU respond to what happens is really YOUR only controllable element.  In order to act with grace and compassion (to both ourselves and others), it is first necessary to learn the skill of acceptance.  Life can be a moving meditation, the aim is to practice being mindful wherever you are.


If there is a gap between where YOU are now and where YOU can see yourself in the future, then Counselling will be an invaluable tool for YOU.  The therapeutic processes will assist YOU to gain insight into your core values and passions, identify fears and blocks, set goals, create balance, flow and abundance by collaboratively delving into then                                                                                   "OPENING ... EXPANDING ... CHANGING YOUR MIND".



Thoughts                          Physical sensations

Feelings                            Life’s circumstance

Emotions                          Future goal   



Anxiety & Depression

Addiction issues                                

Family and other relationship dynamics   

Communication and attachment styles 

Grief & loss                         

Trauma informed care

Holistic balance strategies



Increase self-awareness

Gain insight into conditining and patterns

Untagle complex situations

Achieve self-regulation and personal growth

Strive for contentment and acceptance



Behavioural change programs

Effective parenting and family relationships

Expressive therapies such as art and movement

Mindfulness, breathwork and meditation

Conflict resolution

Life coaching

....and more

Various body therapies can be integrated to complement working with your mind.



Open... Expand ... Change ... 

          BE A WELL-BEING


Each day it is necessary for us to "relate" to a variety of different people in a variety of different ways,  Effective communication and conflict resolution can be enhanced when you speak your truth from the therapeutic place of "I feel ......".  In the relationship area of Counselling, you will be given the space to explore your personal strenghts and weaknesses when relating to yourself and others, patterns of self-belief around "connection" and the fundamental differences between independance, interdependance and codependance.......aloneness is the presence of oneself whereas lonliness is the absence of the other.


There are a variety of Counselling techniques utilised and these are structured depending soley upon your individual requirements and objectives. 



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