The most gentle and effective way to detoxify your body, mind and spirit!


Diarrhoea or constipation

Bloating, flatulence or haemorrhoids

Candida or parasites

IBS or Coeliacs disease

Depression or anxiety

Emotional stagnation

Fatigue or headaches

Hormonal imbalances

Inflammatory or circulation conditions

Joint or back pain

Compromised immune system

Liver toxicity

Skin disorders such as eczema or acne







Relief from constipation and diarrhoea

Less bloating

More effective metabolism / weight loss

Flushing of Candida overgrowth

Parasite and exess mucous eradication

Reduced sugar cravings

More positive attitude towards nutritional balance

Increased energy and reduced stress levels

A more resistant immune system

Increased concentration

Clear and hydrated skin tone

Brighter eyes

Increased chance of conception

Increased spirituality and creativity

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Quite simply, the Colon is the rubbish bin of the body.  Many digestive issues and some mild dis-eases of the mind can be eradicated or at least minimalised and managed by removing internal toxic build-up.


For a nutritious and balanced diet to be effective, digestion must be strong enough and efficient enough to properly assimilate nutrients and eliminate waste.  It has been found that when the Colon's surface cell layer is healthy, not only do key nutrients (which are vital to the optimal functioning of every system within the body) pass more readily into the bloodstream, but the absorption of toxins is also impaired.  Other than the brain, no other part of the human body is as sensitive to the numerous influences of environment and everyday living as is the digestive system.


In order for the faecal coating on the Colon wall to be eliminated comfortably and effectively, it first needs to be gradually and thoroughly hydrated with water.  A correctly administerd Colonic will ensure that no redistribution of stored toxins enters the bloodstream,  While the lungs, skin, kidneys and liver also serve to eliminate toxins, when the Colon is cleansed the functioning of these primary organs is also greatly enhanced.


At InsidesOut a specilised form of abdominal massage is used as an integral part of achieving the maximum benefit from each Colonic.  As with your feet and the ancient method of reflexology, there are acupressure points within the Colon that correlate to differecnt organs in the body.  When these various points are stimulated, an effective energetic release is created within the related organ.  Also, each of our 7 Chakras is represented within a certain region of the abdomen and any stagnation within these can be identified.


This process results in an amazing overall holistic clearing and balancing that will leave you feeling light and more "fluid" in yourself and your life,  The physical reasons to cleanse and the overall benefits of detoxification are most measurable.  At the same time, observing negative thought patterns and creating space for built-up, unreleased emotions to surface are also essential to holistic wellness and vitality.


By working on the physical body during a Colonic session (including the application of the above-menti0ned pressure point technique), discussing nutritional goals and shedding light on any emotional, mental or spiritual issues, Colonic Irrigation will no doubt assist you to obtain a complete overview of how your current "being" is functioning so that your future "being" can indeed................................




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