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Counselling for Children

        & Adolescence


The young people in our community are becoming increasing fractured and lost in the confusing world in which we are living.  They appear frightened, uncertain and conflicted, attempting to navigate between what is real and what is not. 


At InsidesOut, various modalities are combined to assist children and adolescents with age appropriate therapeutic strategies to help them understand their confusion, apprehension, displacement, thoughts, feelings and emotions.  They will learn trust through empathetic listening and relating, self-awareness through reflection, and development and growth through gentle guidance.


Every child's presenting issues, personalaties and life's structure are completely different and in that respect, they will be "treated" as the little individual that they are.  Depending upon characteristics and needs, various forms of expressive therapies such as drawing, photographic life-story scrapbooking, doll-making and other creative elements can be incorporated into "talk" therapy. These activities are on offer for those who will benefit from their use and are not an essential component. 


Also, some children with certain symptoms, primarily those actived in response to trauma or presenting as anxiety, depression and even physical conditions such as constipation or diarrhoea can benefit from a combination of "talk" and bodywork therapies.  This involves a special acupressure technique applied to the head, belly and feet, releasing stagnantion, allowing for the release of tension and a more fluid flow of energy.  As with the above mentioned expressive therapies, if it is deemed appropriate, this is something that can be discussed as we progress through the counselling sessions.


Counselling work with adolescence includes topics related to:

Friendships and Relationships                     Conflict Management Skills                     Grief & Loss
Anxiety & Depression                                   Decision-Making Skills                             Handling Peer Pressure
Emotion-Regulation Skills                            Time Management Skills                          Complexities of Social Media                      Suicidal Ideation                                           Self-Harm / Self-Injury                              Bullying 


This is a crutial stage of human development and an important time for laying the foundations of good health.  There is a rapid change in physical, cognative and psychosocial growth all of which require careful consideration and navigation.


Integrating effective parenting strategies can be beneficial for the overall success of both individual and family dynamics and Counselling sessions can be tailored to include this if desired.


Your child can learn about holism and what it takes to be a brave and courageous human.  Life is so complex, especially in these times.

Together we can help them to:     BE A WELL-BEING!             

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