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Q: Is Colonic Irrigation dangerous or uncomfortable?

A: There is nothing dangerous about a Colonic at all - it is the most gentle and effective way to clear your BODY, MIND and spirit! A correctly administered Colonic should be a relaxing experience.  The comfortability and effectiveness of the treatment is dependant upon the proper use of the water and its internal integration. The system used at InsidesOut allows the introduction of water under minimal pressure which ensures that no unnecessary stress will be placed on the Colon. As the system is "closed", there is no touching or smell of any faecal matter and all releases from the body go directly into the sewerage. 


Hopefully, this section will provide you with answers to the most commonly asked questions about Colonic Irrigation (also known as Colon Hydrotherapy). If you do not find what you are looking for, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Q: How long does it take and how many sessions will I need?

A: Allocate 1 hour per visit please.

It is recommended to start with a series of 3 Colonics, best administered approx. 1 week apart.  As you have 6 feet of colon muscle, each successive session allows the water to be filtrated further around and also further underneath all of the impacted matter that has taken years to adhere to the sides of the organ.

Ultimately however, how many you wish to have will depend upon your personal objectives of regaining, rejuvenating and maintaining your overall health.

Q: What should I wear and is any preparation required before a Colonic?

A: Please wear comfortable clothing keeping in mind that you will be undressed from the waist down and covered with a towel during the session.  Your modesty and privacy are honoured at all times and your bottom is "exposed" for only a split second.

Pre-treatment recommendations will vary depending on your individual circumstances and will be discussed with you at the time of booking your initial appointment.

Generally they are simple:

  • Leading up to your sessions, please minimise caffeine, alcohol and refined sugars where possible and hydrate.
  • It it preferable for you to have eaten a light meal a couple of hours before as this will stabilise your blood sugar and electrolyte levels and assist with keeping the detoxification process gentle.  If you are doing a specific cleanse or fasting, please advise.
  • Please drink only small amounts of fluid for an hour or so before you arrive as it can become uncomfortable if your bladder fills up during the session.
  • Nutritional consultation is inclused with your Colonics. Recommendations will depend upon your current health status and overall objectives

Q: Can I have a Colonic with my period?

A: YES! In fact, it's a great time to have a Colonic as your body is already in release mode.  Your menstral flow will usually stop or become very light thoroughout the session.


++ It is very important to discuss any health conditions prior to booking an appointment.  Colonics are generally suitable for people diagnosed and/or being treated for most types of Cancer and other chronic illnesses.  This is also the case for pregnant and breastfeeding women however your suitability will be accessed and based on your overall physical and mental constitutions.


The most gentle and effective way to enhance
your MIND and BODY!

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